Why I love ‘I Love PEI’

I love PEI; I’ve lived here all my life and, although I’ve travelled quite a bit, I’m staying here. I also love logos, text, fonts, graphics… I’ve always admired the I Heart [place] logo and when I was trying to decide how to rebrand my woodworking items that I sold at the Charlottetown Sunday market, I knew I had to get the name PEI in there.

Lloyd with bagOne of my more popular woodworking items is my wooden BBQ scraper. With all the scare in the media about wire bristles coming loose in regular scrapers, I decided to make one out of wood. At my booth last summer, an American tourist stopped to buy one. She said do you make these here on the Island? I said yes, then she said you should have that on the scraper, tourists love to see the PEI name. I jokingly pulled a Sharpie marker out of my pocket and she said ‘sure, go ahead. And sign your name too’.


So, that got me to thinking maybe there’s an opportunity for a new brand. I thought about for a while and then the I Heart logo popped into my head. I thought someone must have done this already so I spent a couple hours searching no the internet. No luck, er, no bad luck that is. Seemed like it was still available. The next day I filed for the trademark for I Love [Heart] PEI. I’m optimistic once the procedure is complete, the trademark will be mine.

And that’s how I got here…

Lloyd Kerry